okay if you suffer from anxiety, or depression, or even insomnia, or you just feel shitty all the time, listen up you little shit because what i’m about to say might just help you like nobody’s business


you see these motherfuckers right here? these crayons are like little sticks of wax joy that will never fail to help you in your time of need. these are your buddies right here. You don’t meed a million crayons like me, I just happened to buy these the other day for another project and then loved them so much. any crayons will do.

{colored pencils work too, but you want some crayons because that’s what works the best. don’t ask me why, but you feel 3000% better coloring with crayons than you do with colored pencils or even markers. IT BRINGS BACK THE CHILDHOOD INNOCENCE OR SOME SHIT LIKE THAT}

tl;dr just get some crayons i don’t even care what brand if you want to be a disgusting little shit go ahead and buy RoseArt you just need crayons.

okay, so it’s really simple. you just color. if you have a coloring book, awesome. if you don’t, look up some stuff on google and print it. get stuff that makes you happy, like your favorite disney princess or cartoon character. just type in something like “little mermaid coloring pages” and you’re good to go


now, here’s the best part. grab a crayon and just fucking go for it. don’t even think about anything else, just focus on coloring the picture however you want it to be and don’t stop until you’re completely satisfied with it. when you’re done with that one, color another one. 


i promise, by the time you’ve finished coloring to your heart’s content, you’ll feel so much better. i have no idea why it happens, but coloring with crayons just lifts your stress away, even for a little bit. keep some blank coloring pages on hand and your box of crayons close to you for easy access should you really need it one day. 

pro tip: when coloring, spill your crayons out


just take your time and spill all of them out from the box and then like run your hands over them and kinda mess the pile up because that shit is the most orgasmic feeling in the world i don’t know why but it just is

okay, i hope this helps. and if anyone looks at you funny or says that you’re too old to color with crayons, don’t get angry just pity them because they think that there’s an age limit to happiness and they obviously don’t remember how awesome it is to color so just offer them a crayon and if they don’t take it, well, sucks to suck

bringing this back because it’s the only thing that’s gotten me through this summer